Term & Fiduciary Deposits

Enjoy higher interest rates for your deposits

Attractive interest rates
with fixed/flexible placement durations

Reputable counterparties:
Swissquote and a selection of 9 banks to choose from

Benefit from accrued liquidities
with our Lombard loan against the pledge of your deposit

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Did you know?

You can easily request a Lombard loan with attractive conditions by pledging up to 90% of the value of the funds locked in a term or fiduciary deposit.

This means that even as your money is generating interest, you can rapidly obtain the liquidity to seize new investment opportunities, at any time.

Discover our Lombard loans

Interest Rates

Please select a bank to display the indicative rates. All rates are displayed net, and for an invested amount of EUR 100'000 – 499'999 (or CHF/USD equivalent). See below for commission on paid interest for higher amounts. Shorter periods available upon request.

Conditions & Pricing


Term Deposits

Fiduciary Deposits

Placement duration

Fixed from 1 to 12 months or flexible with 48h notice period (Call)

Minimum investment amount

CHF/EUR/USD 100'000 (or higher, depending on counterparty)

Currencies offered

CHF/EUR/USD/GBP/CAD/AUD or other currencies upon request

Payment of interests

On maturity for fixed placements / Quarterly for call placements

Value date for operations

48 hours – D+2

Order placement

By telephone on +41 44 825 88 88


Swissquote Bank

Your choice among 9 partner banks

Ticket Fee


CHF/EUR/USD 25 or equivalent value in EUR

Commission on paid interests


Based on the amount of the nominal in CHF/EUR/USD or equivalent in EUR.
•    100'000 – 499'999: 10%
•    500'000 – 999'999: 8%
•    Over 1'000'000: 5%

Withholding tax

35% on interests

Not Applicable

Increase / Decrease of capital (call deposits only)

CHF/EUR/USD 25 or equivalent in EUR

Ancillary fees

VAT applicable to commissions paid (Swiss residents only)