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About LakeDiamond

The Company

LakeDiamond is a Swiss company incorporated in 2015. Building on years of research at EPFL, developing reactors capable of growing ultra-pure diamonds and exploring potential high-tech industrial applications, it brings together renowned and respected professionals with a proven track record in physics, industry, computer science, marketing and finance.

The Products

LakeDiamond’s CVD reactors grow the highest quality of diamond on earth, suitable for the most demanding applications, thanks to a perfectly controlled and precise technology. The qualities attained are such that they trigger new exciting applications beyond the high-end jewellery market, such as micromechanical parts, laser power beaming, high power transistors, high-precision magnetometers and quantum applications.

The Token Sale

LakeDiamond sells its own tokens (LKD), based on the blockchain technology, to finance the purchase of additional reactors and ramp up its production capacity. LKD tokens grant a “right of use” to grow diamonds for a defined amount of time. As such, LKD tokens are the first time-based payment tokens allowing the production of physical assets. See the full terms and conditions

LKD tokens in brief

1 LKD = 1 minute of diamond production

After ICO phase: will fluctuate based on demand for tokens and/or diamonds, product pricing, performance of diamond reactors and new market opportunities.

Tokens can be kept on Swissquote’s trading platform or transferred to an ERC-20 Ethereum wallet after the end of the ICO phase.

It will be possible to sell LKD on LakeDiamond’s website after the end of the ICO phase, either to purchase diamond products or to participate in an industrial deal. Support for selling LKD on Swissquote’s platform is planned at a later stage. Exchange of LKD tokens on third-party cryptocurrency exchanges is also sought by LakeDiamond.

A maximum of 110'000'000 LKD will be distributed to the public.

5'454'545 LKD (already achieved)

Burnable, non-divisible ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

White Paper

All you need to know about
the ICO and how the LKD tokens
can be used or resold.




A concise digest providing
information on LakeDiamond,
its business and token offering.



Business presentation

An in-depth look into the
company, the technology and
its potential applications.







The first bank in the world to provide global services for ICOs

Swissquote is proud to be the first bank to support ICOs on its trading platform, where clients can purchase tokens conveniently in a secure environment against fiat currency (CHF), without needing to master blockchain technology. We take care of the execution of the orders and the custody of the tokens for our clients, while supporting companies seeking to launch ICOs with our technology and services.

We select ICOs based on strict criteria

As the first bank to offer this kind of services, we receive many requests from companies, be they start-up, scale-up or well established companies. In this context, we defined strict criteria that companies need to fulfill. We consider only mature projects, ready to be launched, and want to review who the management is, what the business is, what the financials are and what the legal situation is. Then, we select the projects that we think will be of interest to our clients.

What is an ICO ?

Made possible by the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a brand new way for start-up, scale-up and well established companies to raise financing in order to support their projects without needing to issue debt and new capital, thus retaining full ownership, contrary to the alternative venture capital funding.


What services does Swissquote provide to companies interested in launching ICOs?

Swissquote currently provides the following services:

  • Banking services (accounts, payments, foreign exchange, securities trading, etc.)

  • Crypto services (custody, trading, etc.)

  • AML/KYC services (screening of contributors)

  • Communication and marketing services

More services may be added in the near future as we keep expanding our offer.

How can I sell my LKD tokens after the end of the ICO?

Swissquote clients will have various possibilities to sell their LakeDiamond tokens. In particular, LakeDiamond’s platform will enable token holders to sell their tokens to industrial clients of LakeDiamond that want to buy diamonds: it is Swissquote’s plan to offer the possibility to Swissquote clients to give their sell orders directly from their Swissquote trading account. It is also possible that a third-party cryptocurrency exchange will enable the trading of LakeDiamond tokens: in such case, Swissquote would seek to connect to such exchange in order to offer Swissquote clients a simple manner to trade LakeDiamond tokens from their Swissquote trading account.