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Latest Certificates



African Consumer

ISIN: CH0424523105

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM high-risk-3-icon.pngHIGH RISK

The leading business opportunity in Africa is its rapidly expanding consumer market. Fueled by a flourishing population, urbanization and income growth, food demand is expanding at a significant rate.
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ISIN: CH0404594928

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM high-risk-2-icon.png MID RISK

With annual revenue growth estimates above 10% by 2022 (USD 82 billion) due to higher margins and a growing client base, online betting is at a turning point of its history, as more and more countries are approaching legalization.
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Blockchain Portfolio

ISIN: CH0410022617

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM high-risk-3-icon.png HIGH RISK

Blockchain, the driving technology behind Bitcoin, is drawing significant focus and investments from all corners of the globe. More than 20 years after the Internet, it is promising worldwide, cross-industry disruption
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Smoking hot!


ISIN: CH0372704327

Taking effect in Canada as early as 2018, the legalization of recreational pot is now a reality – this time supported by real economic fundamentals. It is set to become a very lucrative segment in the years ahead.

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Trending Certificates



ISIN: CH0372704095

long-term-1-icon.png SHORT TERM high-risk-3-icon.png HIGH RISK

Trade now in the four most traded cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin), with reduced volatility and without the technical complexity. 
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Online Gaming

ISIN: CH0355198034

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM  high-risk-3-icon.png LOW RISK

The video games industry is evolving faster than any other, constantly adapting to the latest technological breakthrough. Digital distribution, mobile app development and online gaming are its fastest growing segments.
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Battery Industry

ISIN: CH0385843690

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM high-risk-3-icon.png MID RISK

As battery technology advances and innovations follow, makers of energy storage devices and battery materials are well positioned to seize emerging opportunities.
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